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Antitrust and Competition

Antitrust laws are set by regulators to monitor the distribution of economic power in the market and thereby induce fair competition between businesses. Healthy competition is advantageous as it generates new opportunities and innovations for businesses while increasing quality and decreasing prices for consumers.

However, sometimes situations may arise which lead to unfair competition. For example, when big players in the market make agreements with each other resulting in unequal distribution of economic power. Such anti-competitive behaviour is undesired and should be prevented from occurring. 

ECRi has a broad network of PhD-trained experts from Erasmus University Rotterdam specializing in antitrust and competition. Together we use quantitative and qualitative tools to provide rigorous analyses on the potential effects of mergers and acquisitions, price fixing and monopolization practices such as tying, exclusive dealing, and bundling. Additionally, we investigate the size of the relevant market and analyze its functionality. Our sound, independent and easily understandable analysis is used to advice both plaintiffs and defendants. 

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